Yaytek Innovation


Innovation is a major advance in the solution of many structural problems of Turkish industry which is increasing and rapidly developing in today's economy. As a true choice, YAYTEK is backed by 40 years of experience, from the very beginning with the latest technology hardware and software, with strong research and development teams, whether accompanying a completely new product development or developing existing products and systems. Always the ideal customer benefits; the main focus group is the product components optimization and the technical components of the production process are accepted in the early stages of development for the parts. Thanks to years of experience we can get fast results, samples and prototypes.


YAYTEK provides top level engineering services and advanced laboratory support to provide technical support to existing products and systems, or to develop a brand new product. Optimum customer focus From the outset for product specifications and production methods, our research development team is always working to achieve the best result.       As a result, our R & D services are successful and have beneficial results. From DESIGN to finished product, YAYTEK development processes are projected throughout the whole range. Reviews Our specialists work on the finished product with the well-known materials and metallurgy facilities. Raw Material; test, measurement and necessary analyzes are provided with the quality document after the applications performed in the laboratory. Then the process is operated using the best technological possibilities during mass production.